TelePrescription Services

TelePrescription Services

TelePrescription Services are based on electronic communication and verification.
The doctor-patient personal encounter version is our Prescriptions for Medications Service.
We can issue ePrescriptions for your lost medications or treatments advised by your Home Doctor.

Our EU Standard electronic prescriptions can be filled in any pharmacy in Hungary as being retrieved from the National Health Care Cloud. Other EU countries may fill the prescription based on the printed paper copy.
You will receive the printable ePrescription in pdf format via WhatsApp or email along with the Medical Report and Proof of Payment for insurance reimbursement.

TelePrescription Services do not include discussion of your current disease, such as symptoms, signs or treatment options. If you want our Doctor to evaluate your medical condition and offer you a treatment plan, then use TeleConsultation, Clinic visit or Home Visit / House call.

This cheaper prescription writing service is only a temporary First Aid solution based on your home or other treating physician’s prescription or advice.
It is not intended to replace the regular follow up evaluations with the original (home) doctor. Our doctors will not assume or replace the role of the original (home) treating physician. For this base fee our doctors will not be responsible for your treatment, including but not limited to side effects and complications from the medication prescribed. Our doctors are merely responsible to make sure that the medication prescribed would match the disease or condition you claim and help you out for a reasonable time until you can reach your regular doctor. If you need more or repeated supplies of your desired medication, then you must either get further prescriptions from your original (home) doctor, or schedule a regular evaluation appointment with us to establish a usual and customary patient – treating physician relationship.

The listed Teleprescription Prices contain the Doctor’s fee only, regardless of the success of receiving or filling the desired prescription. Pharmacy price of the medication is not included. The general rules of Prescriptions for Medications apply for Teleprescriptions as well. You may not get your desired prescription or medication if such drugs are not currently available in the local pharmacies. We can never guarantee the availability of any drugs, therefore we encourage that you check with your local pharmacy in advance. We may do such general inquiry only as part of a prepaid service named “Availability Check” or “Reasonable Alternative Medication”.

Pre-payment with instant Bank Transfer is expected, preferably with Revolute or Wise.
Bank Card or PayPal payments are possible only in HUF calculated at our conversion rates. They require more security measures, therefore 30-90 EUR administrative fees may be added.
See Terms and Conditions of these services.

Contact us preferably via WhatsApp for a price quote, then make Pre-payment based on our instructions.
We will then send you the on-line request form to give your personal and medication details.

If you insist on paying with Bank Card or PayPal, and accept 30-90 EUR higher fees then ask for exact HUF quote via email, Skype or WhatsApp.