Medical and Travel Insurance

We provide Medical Services in Hotels and Homes (House Calls) as well as in our established network of Clinics, out-patient Offices and associated local Hospitals. Most of the cases will be handled  by our own team of Physicians, who are  ready to make House calls, Office Visits and Hospital Care also. See the Sample Medical Report  and Invoice below that you can expect to receive.
For such medical service requests the below “Medical Services Price List for Third Party Payers” will be applied, without assistance fees.

In the rare case with a patient in an institution outside of our network, or when a Third Party Payer already have a designated medical service provider (e.g. doctor, clinic, hospital out of our network), we may then offer you our Medical Assistance Services. As part of our comprehensive management we will keep a close eye on the evaluation and management of the patient, make sure that only necessary procedures are performed, and oversee the institution does not charge beyond what is reasonable and customary. We can report about the patient’s case progress continuously and organize Guarantee of Payment on your behalf. When a patient’s medical condition cannot be properly taken care of in an institution locally, we will assist to arrange the transport or evacuation.
For such cases our “Assistance Services Price List” below will be applied, without medical service fees.

Direct Billing with Third Party Payers, such as Insurance or Medical Assistance Companies is part of our daily routine. Some insurance partners are listed below just as a sample.

If you are a patient, then please check your insurance company’s website or call them to see if we are a contracted provider or a member of their Preferred Provider Network. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make all efforts to arrange a direct payment settlement with your insurance company even for your first urgent visit as soon as possible.

Guidelines of Cooperation for Third Party Payers
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Last updated 19 Sep 2018

Medical Services Price List for Third Party Payers
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Last updated 19 Sep 2018

Assistance Services Price List
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Last updated 20 Sep 2018

Sample Medical Report
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Sample Invoice
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Our Services for
Health and Travel Insurance Companies

• Urgent Medical Care
• Medical Evaluation and Management in the Office
• Mobile Medical Services, House Calls, Hotel Visits
• Urgent Dental Care
• Urgent Ambulatory Trauma Care for wounds and fractures
• Prescription and Delivery of Lost Medications
• Laboratory
• Diagnostic Imaging: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI
• Medical Specialist Consultations
• Admissions to our Hospitals
• Health Care Related Legal Assistance
• Translation, Interpretation
• Patient Advocate Services
• Transportation by Taxicab
• Transportation by Ambulance
• Medical Report Generations
• Medical Report Translations
• Cost Containment Evaluations
• Utilization Review
• Organization of Health Care
• Organization of Accommodation
• Organization of Repatriation
• Organization of Mortal Remains Repatriation

Our Contracted and Cooperative Insurance Carriers and Plans

Contracted Partner