Dental Care

Dental and Oral Surgery
“We Design Your Smile”

General and Reconstructive Dentistry including prevention, scaling, fillings, crowns and root canal treatments.

Our Oral Surgeons perform interventions such as tooth removals, abscess draining and implants.

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Treatments and Procedures with Price Quotes

For planned treatments write us an email.

For Urgent Care write us via WhatsApp Messaging or Telephone.

Contracted Dental Insurance Provider with Direct Billing option:

See Allianz Insured Patient’s Information

We are a contracted CIGNA Insurance provider. In network Dental and Oral Surgery Services for CIGNA insured patients are available, so the best reimbursement rates should be given. Direct Billing is very limited with CIGNA for Dental Care, but is possible for Oral Surgery Evaluation and Management. In contrast, Out of Network Provider fees are only partially covered.