Information for Medical Service Requests

When you need our help, we are ready to take action

To avoid misunderstanding and errors, please read this section carefully before contacting us.

We are a premium level private medical service provider and therefore fees will be charged to you. We do not give telephone advice.
We do not accept any public service or government type insurance, such as the Hungarian TAJ card or the European Health Insurance Card, and we cannot advise you where such public services are available.

We may accept certain private insurance such as Allianz or Cigna after proper policy checking. If you have Allianz, then have your policy number ready. If you have Cigna, then before you call us, send a copy of your card via email to us along with your full name, date of birth and telephone number.

If you have a valid travel or private medical insurance, then you may get reimbursement based on the medical report and proof of payment we give you at the time of the services provided.

If you are paying for our services then please check our prices and fees in advance before calling us.

Our prices vary greatly based on the complexity of the case, the requested speed and the expected convenience on your part. For example, a prescription for Emergency Contraception in our office (clinic) on weekday daytime may cost only 50 EUR, or an office (clinic) visit for a simple medical problem (such as a cold and cough) may cost 80 EUR. Generally, simple House Calls within 3 hours will cost 140 EUR during weekday daytime. However, if you request an urgent House Call visit within 1 hour  at Christmas Night, that will cost at least 350 EUR. See the details in our price list.

In the evenings and at night please call us only if you are ready to see the doctor within 1-3 hours.

If you accept our prices and are about to contact us, then please have these ready:
– the full name of the patient and the caller (if different)
– your exact location. Exact name, address, local telephone number of your hotel or hostel. If you are staying in private flat, apartment or Airbnb, then we will need an exact address with postal code (district), street name and number, level/floor, door number, what is written on your door, where is the door located on the floor. We also need a doorbell number/gate code, instructions how to get into the building. Giving us your phone number may not be sufficient if we cannot reach you on phone numbers outside of Europe. We may be able to call local and within EU phone numbers.
– a valid, original picture ID (passport, driver license, national ID card) of the patient, that must always be presented for all visits

Please note, that contact via email, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp may be limited and we may respond with delay especially at nights. If you do not get a response to your message then call our 24/7 hotline with your urgent medical service requests: +36 1 7866658.

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