Discounted Fees

The more you know about our services in advance, the higher your chances for a lower fee.

One option to save money is to consider our Prescription Services instead of a traditional Doctor Visit.

It means, that based on your own doctor’s (general practitioner, specialist, hospital doctor, physician family member) recommendation, we may issue prescriptions for medications. Read details about this. In such cases, we do not make any diagnostic efforts to find out the nature of your problem. Rather, we accept the patient’s testimony and make sure that an appropriate prescription is issued, considering the given diagnosis, the requested drug, which may be the same that was advised or a locally available reasonable alternative. In such cases we will not make a diagnosis, and will not be responsible for any side effects and complications. They will be the responsibility of the patient, to tell us the whole truth, and the home doctor’s responsibility, whoever advised the treatment based on a telephonic or other ways of consultation.

Discounts of 10-90 EUR may be provided for services at our sole discretion under certain conditions:

  1. You thoroughly read the pages on our websites about the specific services you want.
  2. You do not ask us unnecessary questions that have the answers or the relevant information on our website, such as if we accept TAJ Cards or EHICs. You know that we do not accept any public insurance.
  3. You do not ask about the Address of our Locations, since you read and already familiar where they are, including our First Aid Point and Medical Outpatient Clinic.
  4. You are ready to consult our Doctor within 1-3 hours or at the time we give you. You accept the Location we choose or you will be able to clearly give your address for the more expensive House Call.
  5. You arrive in time, you are available for the appointment at the agreed time and location.
  6. You will not ask if the prescribed medication price is included in the fees when you ask for Lost Prescription or Emergency Contraception services. You know, that medication price is not included.
  7. You pay in cash on site or with instant transfer at least partially in advance (Revolute, Wise, Zelle or from a Hungarian HUF bank account), and you already checked our Banking Information.
  8. You will have your valid, original picture ID with you (passport, National ID, Driver License. For personal appointments it means the physical document itself, for TeleConsultations a clearly visible copy.
  9. Service request and assistance via telephone, WhatsApp or Skype CALLs will generally disqualify you for a lower price. Send message only if you want a Discount Price.
  10. You contact us via WhatsApp Text Message, Skype Text MESSAGE or Email ([email protected]) and start with copying and pasting the statement “I read and meet all the discount conditions” and you wait for our reply with the discount price offer.

General Terms and Conditions

Base Prices and Fees