TelePrescription Prices

TelePrescription Prices

Before ordering, please read General Payment Terms and information about TelePrescription Services.

Our EU Standard electronic prescriptions can be filled in any pharmacy within the Hungary, as being retrieved from the National Health Care Cloud. Other EU countries may fill the prescription based on a stamped and signed paper form.
You will receive the printable ePrescription in pdf format via WhatsApp or email along with the Medical Report and Proof of Payment for insurance reimbursement.

Pre-payment with instant Bank Transfer is expected, preferably with Revolute or Wise.
See Terms and Conditions of these services.

Bank Card or PayPal payments are possible only in HUF calculated at our own conversion rates.
These require more security measures, therefore 30-90 EUR administrative fees may be added.

Prices vary with the day and time of your order, the number of prescriptions, the type of medications (injections, sleeping pills, sedatives, narcotics), the urgency (weekends, evenings, nights, Holidays).

Surcharges may apply for Missing or Incorrect Pieces Information on Request Forms, as asking for clarification is associated with additional administrative fees. Delay in the services may also occur.

We may charge additional Assistance Fees if extensive explanation, correspondence or chat messaging is required to explain the below prices, due to your failure to read items clearly listed.
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Rotate Phone 01cutTelePrescriptions in < 72 hours on Workdays when Request was made and
Pre-payment Received* during the given part of the day, Base fees in EUR
Prescriptions1up to 3up to 5up to 10up to 15up to 20
Availability CheckNot included, Customer must checkup to 5up to 10up to 15
Reasonable AlternativeNot includedup to 2up to 5up to 10
Availability Check in Local Pharmacies
Base Fee on Workdays, < 72 hours, up to 3 Medications: 50
Reasonable Alternative Medication Offering with Availability Check
Base Fee on Workdays, < 72 hours, up to 3 Medications: 60
Surcharges for Special Prescription Writing added to Base and Additional Prescription Fees
Treatment Injections (e.g. Insulin, antibiotics, steroids) / each+ 60
Controlled Drugs: sedatives, hypnotics/sleeping pills+ 60
Controlled Drugs: narcotics, psychostimulants+ 120
 Surcharges on Weekends and Holidays
WeekendsAdditional + 30 to Base price
HolidaysAdditional + 30 to Base price
Holiday Seasons*Additional + 60 to Base price
CET*08:00-16:0016:00-24:0000:00-08:00Mon-FriSat-SunSee Calendar
 CET = Central European Time Holiday Seasons are consecutive official days off for 3 or more days. Examples may be: Easter Season, Pentecost, Saint Stephen Day. Christmas Holiday Season, 24 Dec, 16:00 – First Official Workday of the New Year 08:00
 Tourists / Travel Season Surcharge, May 01 – Oct 31, Dec 15 – Jan 08: + 60
 Surcharges for Missing or Incorrect Pieces Information on Request Forms including but not limited to Personal Data, ID number / photo, Contact details, Medication name / dosage / frequency, Prescribing Physician’s name / location
Items Missing or Incorrect123456
+ Fees305060657075
Note! You may lose your paid base fee in part or entirely if you fail to pay the surcharges.
We will notify you about the exact amount to be paid additionally in case.
 Surcharges for Urgency
Services done within a requested time frame (< = less than…)
< 24 hoursAdditional + 30 to Base price
< 12 hoursAdditional + 50 to Base price
< 6 hoursAdditional + 70 to Base price
< 3 hoursAdditional + 90 to Base price
< 1 hourAdditional + 120 to Base price
< 30 minAdditional + 150 to Base price
< 15 minAdditional + 180 to Base price