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Telemedicine Terms and Conditions

Telemedicine Terms and Conditions

For all Telemedicine Services – TeleConsultations and TelePrescriptions – Pre-payment is expected.

Instant Bank Transfer is preferred to our Wise EUR Account.
When you make bank transfer always use a Reference: yyyymmddXY
Your payment “Reference” should be your desired date of consultation with numbers (yyyymmdd) and your name’s initials (XYZ), e.g. 20200325JD (2020 March 25 for John Doe).
If you did not use the Reference number, then your payment may not be identified, may not be valid or recognized with delay.

Bank Card or PayPal payments are possible only in HUF calculated at our conversion rates. They require more security measures, therefore consequent administrative fees may be added. You have to ask for the exact quote.

We will also need some Personal Details to be given on Electronic On-line Registration Forms, that we send you right after payment is received. Separate forms are used as TeleConsultation and TelePrescription services are different in many regards.

TelePrescription services generally do not require telephone discussion with our Doctor, since data exchange occurs basically in writing. On rare occasions, our Doctors may call to clarify details.

After Payment and you filled Registration Form arrived, we will contact you within your chosen and paid time frame on your given contact number – Telephone, WhatsApp, Skype for Teleconsultation.

We will try to call you at least 3 times, separated by 5-15 minutes at least.

The fees you will pay are not refundable, if you are not available for the Teleconsultation for any reason, as we invest our time and efforts in these arrangements. You may reschedule the appointment only twice and only within the first 6 months after your payment date. Rescheduled Teleconsultation time spots will be given at our convenience and rescheduling fee of 30 EUR may apply.

By requesting services you authorize us to enter your data and medical report into the Hungarian National Electronic Health Service Space (EESZT), the cloud that handles records between medical providers and pharmacies. We may issue Electronic Prescriptions within 30 minutes generally. To fill such ePrescriptions you do not need a paper copy, your Passport or the created EESzT Identifier Number can be used.

Due to the nature of the EESzT operations, we cannot fully guarantee, that such functions will work with a 100% certainty all the time. If the electronic system fails, than we may offer you paper based prescriptions to be picked up in our office within 24 hours at no further charge. Urgent delivery of paper prescriptions to your location in Budapest is possible but may cost some extra.

If due to electronic system failure we are unable to provide you with the requested prescriptions in any of the above manners, electronic or paper, then we will return 50% of your base fees. The return does not apply for the possible additional extra fees and surcharges.

By sending payment and responding to our email you accept our General Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the following:
The given price quote is valid only if you make the payment as instructed, fill the requested on-line form and will not request further unjustified assistance due to missing, not reading or not following our instructions.
Some examples of additional fees that we may charge, if you give us extra work and burden:
10 EUR, if you do not use the given Reference Number with the payment.
10 EUR / each telephone call / email exchange, if you request further unjustified assistance due to missing, not reading or not following our instructions.
You may forfeit (lose) 50-60% of your base fees, if you are not paying the possibly applied extra fees due to your failures. We may return 50% of your base fees if you paid with instant bank transfer.
Refund for cancellation may be given at our sole discretion.
We return your entire fee (100%), if we fail to provide you the requested and paid services due to our mistake.