Operative Locations

Administrative Office for All Correspondence and Billing

Mailing and Billing Address:
Professional Medical Services and Assistance Ltd.
Eszék utca 13-15, 1/1; Budapest, H-1114; Hungary

For scheduled personal appointments in our Administrative Office:
You must ring Doorbell (Intercom) # 16 at the outside gate and door, and wait for us to let you in.
Then you have to come to the 1st Floor, displayed as “I. EMELET”, and wait in front of the elevator.

You must contact us first before you come for any Office Appointment.
We are not staying in our Office the whole day, you may not find anybody there if you just show up without contacting us.

Hungary: +36 1 786-6658
United States: +1 718 577-1032

E-mail: administrator@healthguardhungary.com (administrative and billing questions)

Medical Outpatient Clinics

Scheduling, Appointments and Urgent care
English Speaking Physician Hot Line for All Office Locations:
+36 1 786-6658
For all Urgent Service requests use: oncall@healthguardhungary.com

You must contact us first before you come for any Outpatient Clinic appointment.
We may not constantly stay in our  Clinics the whole day, you will not find a doctor there if you just show up without contacting us.

Main Medical Outpatient Clinic

District XI. – Szent Kristóf Szakrendelő
Fehérvári út 12; Budapest, H-1117
4th Floor, Room Number # 410 at most times
Occasionally: Ground Floor, Room Number # F22, or # F8

Do NOT go to the Reception on the Ground  Floor, do NOT try to register there. Proceed to the given Room directly.

You may use the parking lot of Allee Shopping Center, that is located conveniently in a 50 meter walking distance from our clinic site.
Public Transportation to “Újbuda-központ”: Trams number 4, 6, 47. Metro number 4.
Directions to XI. District Újbuda-központ Medical Outpatient Clinic

II. District

Directions to II. District Szent Ferenc Hospital Medical Outpatient Clinic

Szent Ferenc Hospital
Széher út 73
Budapest, H-1021

III. District

Directions to our III. District Expat Medical Outpatient Clinic

Expat Medical
Mátyáshegyi út 43
Budapest, H-1037

V. District

Dental Outpatient Clinic

Dr. Patonai Zoltán
Dental and Oral Surgeon
Váci utca 41/a, 1st floor
Budapest, H-1052

XII. District

Directions to XII. District Virányos Medical Outpatient Clinic

Virányos Klinika
Virányos út 23/D
Budapest, H-1125

XII. District

Directions to XII. District Istenhegyi Medical and Dental Outpatient Clinics

Istenhegyi Klinika
Istenhegyi út 31/B
Budapest, H-1125