Prescriptions for Lost Medications

Have you just lost your medications or run out of them while traveling? But the pharmacies in Budapest want a prescription from a local doctor? No worries…

We can issue Prescriptions for the medications you regularly use to cover the time period you are away from home. Generally we prescribe the amount necessary for your trip or a maximum of 1 month supply.

This is a private medical service, you must meet our doctor, and therefore a visit fee will be charged to you according to our price list. We do not accept any public health insurance like the Hungarian TAJ card or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). We will give you a formal report with a proof of payment and you may try to claim it on your private medical or travel insurance as lost medications “en route”.
Prices vary with the time, speed and convenience of the services you request. Prescriptions for Narcotics, Sedatives, Sleeping Pills, and Psycho-stimulants are under strict regulations, consequently a +60 EUR surcharge will be applied to each of them.

The cheapest visit option is in our office during the day 11:00 – 16:00 CET. Appointments must be scheduled in advance, please do not show up unexpected, as you may find no doctor there. We can give the discount price office appointments only about 1-2 hours ahead. So call us only if you are ready to come to our office anytime within 2 hours, or you are actually in your hotel (apartment) and can wait there for a house call anytime within 1-3 hours.

When you meet our Doctor:
– you must show your own, original, valid picture ID (passport, national ID card, Driver License).
– you must sign a form of testimony in English and state the exact name with the dosage of the medications you take and need, along with the name of the ordering Physician at home.
– you may show the original boxes or prescriptions from your home country.

We advice, that you check the availability of the requested medication in the local pharmacies in advance before contacting us.

As a courtesy, our Doctors may help you to locate the pharmacy where the prescribed medications are actually available. However, we will not search for your desired drug based solely on your request without the payment of our professional visit fees.