The Proper Use of our Email Addresses

Please pay attention to properly use our email addresses.

Please always send all service requests to

The “oncall” email address is ONLY for NEW service requests. Guarantee of Payments should be sent here only BEFORE the services are done.

You always must call us via telephone with all service requests.

Sending an e-mail may not be sufficient and may cause significant delay in providing patient care.

But please DO NOT use the “oncall” email address for administrative issues, such billing responses, or sending us payment guarantees AFTER the medical services were already provided.

Please DELETE the “oncall” email address at your billing department, and use only the

for billing issues.

The email address is only for professional communication with cooperating and consulting doctors as well as patients under our care. DO NOT use this email address to send new urgent service requests.

Please always send all messages related to billing, contracting or administration to the following email address:

Sending a medical service request to our “administrator” may cause significant delay in providing services, as the administrator does not handle emergency messages calls, it is only for billing and administrative purposes.

However, all billing correspondence, confirmation of acceptance of our invoices should be sent to the “administrator” ONLY. For example, a financial guarantee that is sent to our “oncall” address for a case that was already seen by us a few days before may appear as a new case, causing confusion.

Please change this information in your system and use our email addresses as described above.

If you repeatedly send emails about billing to our on call email address, then we may increase our service prices for all future cases by 30 EUR, because the extra administrative burden to us due to your non-compliance.

Thank you for your cooperation.