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Prices, Fees and General Information for all Payments.

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General Information to read before you contact us via Telephone, WhatsApp, Skype or email

Payment Methods and Deadlines

Our professional fees should be preferably settled in cash at the time of services.
We set our prices in EUR, but accept HUF, USD, GBP, AUD, CDN as well at our daily exchange rate.
Other possible payment options:
– From Hungarian bank accounts instant transfer in HUF to our Wise bank HUF account.
– From Wise (Transferwise) accounts payments to our Wise account in EUR or HUF works instantly. We can send you a payment request with our reference to expedite the process.
– From Revolute EUR accounts payments to our Wise EUR account should work within a few minutes. However, other currency (e.g. HUF, USD, GBP) transfers or conversions may take days with Revolute.
– US bank account holders may make instant transfer with Zelle® in USD.
– Mobile Bank Card payment through our POS Terminals may be done on site upon request in advance.
– POS MOTO payment may be requested, meaning that via telephone, chat or email we ask for your bank card details and authorization to charge in advance for the services.
– On-line payments on our website may be made with Barion.
– Bank card payments on-line can be made in our Sumup Store in HUF only.
– Transfer with PayPal (and certain Bank Cards through PayPal) may also be available but only in HUF.

In certain cases Pre-payment for our services is necessary.

For cash payments we generally use XE Currency Exchange mid-market rates.
For bank card payments our machines charge in HUF and we determine the exchange rate.
We may use CIB bank’s EUR – namely “CIB bank valuta eladási árfolyam (“CIB eladás” column), CIB Retail Sell”, “Currency” or “IPS Out of hours” rates.

Payment by Third Parties

We accept Allianz Worldwide Care and CIGNA insurance after checking your policy. We may need to contact your insurance company to establish direct payment.

We may accept Medical and Travel Insurance with certain reliable Third Party Payers’ guarantee.

Prices and Fees may be different and vary for Cooperating Partners, Contracted Private Insurance or Assistance companies.

Documentation, Medical Report and Proof of Payments

A hand-written Medical Report in English and invoice is offered to each patient who pays on site at the time of the services or paid in advance. A typed electronic Medical Report and Itemized Invoice in English is the alternative option provided upon request. The basic processing time is within 5 working days and the documents can be downloaded from our safe server or may be sent via email / WhatsApp in printable pdf attachments, digitally signed and securely locked. Additional charges may apply for urgent document processing requests.

Execution and Cancellation of Services

Health Guard Hungary® makes all possible efforts to have our doctor ready to see patients in a timely fashion. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge for any requested but later cancelled services a “no show” or “cancellation” fee, which may be the full price.

If an arranged Specialist Office Visit or Diagnostic Testing request is cancelled more than 3 full Business days (regular Workdays) before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then only the File Fee may be charged to the Requesting Party. For cancellations in less than 3 full business days before the set time the full service fee will be charged to the Requesting Party.

If a House Call or Office Visit request is cancelled more than 3 regular daytime business hours before the set time of the patient-doctor encounter, then only the File Fee may be charged to the Requesting Party. If such a service request is cancelled less than 3 regular daytime business hours before the set time, then our full service fee will be charged to the Requesting Party.

The full service fee will be charged and kept for any cancellations and no shows of vaccination arrangements.

For early cancellations, depending on the circumstances, the level and urgency of the services arranged, the cancellation File fees may range from 80-300 EUR. We may ask for Pre-Payment.

As a general rule you are paying for our professional time, including Doctors and Assistance fees. We charge for all service requests, even for those that we have to spend time with clarification and eventually we cannot perform due to lack of clear background reason or they would be against professional standards. For example, if you yourself decide to ask for an abdominal CT examination on a pregnant woman, and in our Doctors’ opinion the risk of harm to the fetus is greater than the expected benefit for the mother, then we may decline performing the CT study. We would still charge you for our Doctors’ consultation time and Assistance, regardless of doing your self requested study or not.

If we cannot find the patient at the location specified in the house call (home or hotel visit) service request, or the patient does not show up in the given office location at the given time, then our full prices will apply.

Our general waiting time for scheduled urgent office visits, appointments is 30 minutes and for urgent house calls is within 60-180 minutes. The patient must be available for the house call from the time of the request, as our doctors may come anytime over the next 180 minutes (e.g. it may be only 5-10 minutes if our doctor happened to be close to the given location).

If you request and we accommodate an exact time appointment as per your wish, with much less flexibility of waiting time on your part, then extra surcharges may apply. We offer that our doctor will be available for that “exact time appointment” within a +/- 15 minutes time frame.

We reserve the right to increase our usual and customary prices by 30 – 100 EUR for delinquent payers (second or third party) without any further notice. We consider a payer delinquent if they have an unsettled balance for more than 60 days after the receipt of our invoice. Certain extenuating circumstances may be given consideration if properly requested in writing. We also reserve the right to add the unpaid balance to the next service orders’ charges in part or in full.

Price List Detailed

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