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In certain cases Pre-payment for our services is necessary.

For individuals who do not belong to our established and regular patient park, such as tourists, any people that we never had an encounter with before.
– House Calls
– Diagnostic Testing (e.g. Imaging, Labs)
– Specialist Consultations
– Teleconsultations
– Teleprescription

For assistance or insurance companies who do not belong to our established and regular partner park generally all services must be paid ahead.
We may make exceptions to some highly reliable companies registered and seated in the European Union.

Why we ask for Pre-payment?
We are a private service and cannot afford to invest our efforts and utilize our Doctors’ time without our professional fees being paid.
Unfortunately, we experienced cases when previously unknown people
– disappeared, we could not find them in the given hotel room or at their given address
– did not show up for the requested and scheduled services
– could not be reached or contacted later
– tried to pay with a bank card that was declined for insufficient funds or bank technical issues
– tried to pay with an insurance card that had no coverage or was not pre-authorized to be charged
– suddenly got better, their condition improved and did not feel sick any more
– decided to visit another clinic, went to a hospital
– changed their mind for some reason and did not want to use our services.

Pre-Payment may not be necessary if you pay in cash or come to our clinic.

Pre-payment based on our instructions.


Payment Terms and Conditions