Pre-payment Instructions

Pre-Payment Instructions

Pre-payment with instant Bank Transfer is expected, preferably with Revolute or Wise.

Bank Card or PayPal payments are possible only in HUF calculated at our conversion rates. They require more security measures, therefore 30-90 EUR administrative fees may be added.

Banking information for instant bank transfer in EUR is on our website:

IBAN for EUR only:
BE95 9673 1170 9058   

Instant transfer from a US bank account via Zelle in USD is also possible.
Contact us for USD price quote and payment details.

Instant transfer from a Hungarian bank account in HUF is an option for locals.
Contact us for HUF price quote and payment details.

When entering transfer always use a Reference:
Your payment “Reference” should be your desired date of services with numbers (yyyymmdd) and your name’s initials (XYZ), e.g. 20240325DJ (2024 March 25 for John Doe – Doe, John).

After payment is done, contact us via email, Skype or WhatsApp, quoting the above Reference Number.

We will then send you the on-line registration and request form to get your personal and medical details.

If you insist on paying with Bank Card or PayPal, and accept 30-90 EUR higher fees then ask for exact HUF quote via email, Skype or WhatsApp.