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When you search on the internet, you want to make sure that you deal with a legitimate party.

Certain Criteria you can look for and we have them all
– Physical street address locally, where operations take place.
– Available local landline telephone numbers.
– Company branded website and email addresses.
– Proper registrations with authorities.

Our company is registered in Hungary according to the European Union standards.

Registered office: Eszék utca 13-15. I. em. 1/A. ajtó, 1114 Budapest, Hungary
Registration number: 01-09-707580
Tax Identification / VAT Number: 12872022-1-43
Business Register ID: OCCSZ
EUID: HUOCCSZ.01-09-707580

On-line confirmation options:
E-justice Europe
e-Information on Hungarian Companies
Official Company Information in Hungary

We have a Wise Bank Account, that was open after a rigorous identity check by the U.K. authorities.
Proof of Wise Bank Account in HUF
Proof of Wise Bank Account in EUR

Our Physicians meet all legal requirements to practice medicine.
See Company Details.

We are a Listed Medical Service Provider by the US Embassy in Budapest.

Our Medical Supervisors are US Board Certified.
Dr. Akos Santha is a Licensed Physician in Pennsylvania.