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Dialing Instructions in Hungary

Scheduling, Appointments
All Urgent Service Requests

Telephone: +36 1 786-6658

Office Locations and Mailing Address

The proper use of our email addresses
all urgent medical service requests
at night you must also call on telephone
only billing and administrative questions
medical and health care related issues
patient-doctor communications
quality control

Accounting, Billing and Customer Service
General Administration Center
in The United States: +1 718 577-1032

If you are a Third Party Payer – Assistance or Insurance Company – then Please Use Email for all Service Requests
Self-payer Patients need to call or Central Number: +36 1 7866658

Contact us on Skype: healthguardhungary

Skype, WhatsApp and Viber contacts may not be available at nights


Urgent Care

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Central Command Telephone:

+36 1 786-6658

Alternative Contact Options
during daytime 08:00-22:00 CET

Also on Viber: +3617866658 
Also on Viber +3617925080

Mobile Medical Services
House Calls and Hotel Visits:

for Adults: +36 30 345-3132
Also on Viber: +36303453132
Also on WhatsApp: +36303453132

for Children: +36 30 312-8138
Also on Viber: +36303128138 
Also on WhatsApp: +36303128138

Patient’s Data Collection Forms

Our Privacy Notice

Guidelines of Cooperation for Third Party Payers
(ask us for your password to open it)