Dialing Instructions within or to Hungary
How to dial our numbers:
+36 1 7866658 – landline 
+36 30 3453132, +36 30 3128138 – mobile
Using phones in Hungary can be confusing at first, but here are instructions how to:

If you dial a landline from another landline phone in the same area, then you do not have to use any prefixes, just dial the number. In our case: 7866658

If you are calling a number with a different area code – from another town or from a Hungarian Mobile phone-, then you have to dial the prefix 06 followed by the area code. For example to dial our office number outside Budapest you need to dial: 06 1 7866658.
Similarly, to call any mobile phones from a landline or a Hungarian mobile phone inside Hungary you need to dial 06 followed by the 9-digit mobile number, in our case: 06 30 3453132.
The most certain way to reach a mobile phone from anywhere to everywhere in the world is to dial + followed by the country code, the mobile area code and the number. To reach us from any mobile phone inside and outside Hungary.
you need to dial: +36 30 3453132
Landline Phone number display examples in Hungary:
+36  1 7866658, broken into pieces: “+”, “36”, “1”, “7866658”, 06 1 7866658, broken into pieces: “06”, “1”, “7866658”,

Mobile Phone number display examples:
30 3453132, broken into pieces: “30”, “3453132”
06 30 3453132, broken into pieces: “06”, “30”, “3453132”
+36 30 3453132, broken into pieces: “+”, “36”, “30”, “3453132”

“+” is the international prefix to dial from GSM card holding mobile phones from anywhere in the world. Note: some cellular phones or older analog or digital phone services (e.g. Verizon in the USA) may not accept the + prefix. To dial from these older phones try the “011” prefix before the country code.
“36” is the country code for Hungary
“1” is the area code for Budapest. All other area codes in Hungary consist of two digits. E.g.: “52” for Debrecen
“7866658” is the individual phone number in our case.
“06” is the prefix to dial a Hungarian long distance or a Hungarian mobile phone, but only if the call is initiated inside Hungary.
“30” is the most common area code for T-mobile phones, “20” is for Telenor, “70” is for Vodaphone mobile phone service providers