Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception

We provide Emergency Contraception (Plan B, Morning After Pill, The Pill, EC) 24 hours a day even on weekends in Budapest, Hungary. In countryside towns only the 30 minute Teleconsultation with ePrescription version is available.

We are a private medical service provider, therefore a Doctor Visit Fee has to be paid, that varies with the day, time, location and speed of the services you request. On workdays at daytime hours (11:00 – 16:00 CET) in our Office or Clinic the base fee is 80 EUR in cash, that can be paid in HUF, USD, GBP, AUD, CHF as well at our daily rates. Discounted fee may be available if certain conditions are met.
Surcharges for evenings, nights, weekends, holidays and urgent visits may apply. See or price list.
We do not give free telephone advice. Contact us only if you decided to have a paid appointment.

In order to issue the Morning After Pill (EC) prescription the following is necessary:

– Personal Consultation with the Doctor. Pre-paid 30 minute Teleconsultation is an option.
– Boyfriend or husband showing up alone in the name of the patient may get a prescription, but additional +30-60 EUR fee may apply.
– Original picture ID (passport, national ID card, driver license).
– Filling up our form in English with pertinent personal and medical data.
– Paying the Doctor’s fee, that varies with the day and time when you call and want the services.

Based on the above our General Practitioner Doctor can  issue the prescription to buy the Emergency Contraceptive Pill in a pharmacy. Gynecological examination or appointment is not needed.
The Doctor’s basic fee does not include the price of “The Pill” itself.
We can help you with directions to an open Pharmacy even at nights.

Please contact us only if you are ready to see the doctor within 1 hour in our district 11. First Aid Point or Clinic or anytime within 3 hours for a House call (Hotel visit).
For Discount price same day office visits contact us 08:00-16:00 CET on workdays. The discount fee is given only if you know the content of this page, including our office and clinic locations, you come at the time we give you and pay in cash.

We are not able to fix an appointment at nights, for another day or for a several hours later time at a discount price.
Our Doctors are not sitting in the clinics constantly, they are often out of the office to see patients in town for House Calls. Do not show up late, unexpected, unannounced without an appointment time given!

We expect an email request and will ask you for prepayment with your bank card on-line at a higher price, if you want a visit
– another day
– same day but several hours later time
– at a certain chosen time at your convenience
Such prepaid fees may be forfeited (completely lost) if you are not able to keep your requested appointment in a timely fashion.
Late fees of 30 EUR / each 15 minutes started may be charged to you if you are not available as arranged. Check the maps and your travel time before you request the Office (Clinic) visit.

The basic visit fee does not include an extensive consultation about your particular situation, concerns, the risks and benefits of Emergency Contraception, telephone or text message (SMS) directions to our office.