CIGNA Insurance Information

Our company, Professional Medical Services and Assistance Ltd. is a contracted CIGNA partner under the brand name “Health Guard Hungary®”.
We are part of the Preferred Provider Network with direct insurance billing option.
Our CIGNA Provider ID: 0001772201

We are ready to help you using you CIGNA policy as a payment option.
However, you need to know, that similarly to other contracted Medical Providers, we are not obligated to give any services to CIGNA policy holders, you are not entitled for services just by showing us a CIGNA card.
We are not a public community hospital emergency room.

We recommend you check your coverage details for the type of services you plan to use. Your policy may or may not cover all the costs and some diseases. There may be copays, deductibles and coinsurance and exceptions. Consider them, before you contact us.

Direct Billing is often limited with CIGNA for Dental Care and Physical Therapy, but is possible for Oral Surgery Evaluation and Management. In Network care of such services for CIGNA insured patients are available in our clinics, so the best reimbursement rates should be given. In contrast, Out of Network care with non-contracted providers can be claimed only partially.

We may accept CIGNA insurance, but certain conditions and limitations may apply.
Registration on our website with your personal and policy details will be necessary in order to proceed.

First, we will have to confirm your policy details via Cigna Envoy. This process may generally takes place within 10-30 minutes for most policies paid by local companies, and services can be done within hours, even on weekends, holidays and at nights.

Unfortunately, we have limited access to some policies, like the ones display “Away From Home Care”.
In such cases we have to contact CIGNA to collect information, which may take longer time. Response from CIGNA may come variably, sometimes within hours, other times within a few days. Occasionally, CIGNA will not respond to us at all, and we do not know why. We will notify and keep you updated about our attempts.
You may facilitate this policy confirmation process by contacting CIGNA ahead. In our experience, they may respond faster, if the insured Member is asking, but tend to communicate with providers (like us) much slower. You may have to ask CIGNA to send us your specific coverage details regarding your medical problem with a Guarantee of Payment / Verification of Benefits, using our
CIGNA Provider ID: 0001772201
directly to our email address:

[email protected]

The specifics we will need to see from CIGNA:

The medical problem, condition, that you need help with, namely symptoms, suspected medical diagnosis:
Any and all limitations of the policy.
Deductible / Excess:
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Coverage limits:
Remaining overall balance:
Expiration of policy, end of coverage:

You may need to contact CIGNA repeatedly to make sure that the requested information was in fact sent to us. Forwarding an email you received from CIGNA may not suffice, we have to get the confirmation from CIGNA directly.

Without a confirmed policy we may not be able to do direct billing, and you have to pay us according to our price list. We give you a medical report and an Itemized Invoice that you can submit to get your paid fees back from the insurance. We are a contracted CIGNA Preferred Network Provider, therefore the best rates and conditions will apply for reimbursement. In contrast, Out of Network Provider fees are generally not or only partially covered.

You may avoid the hassle of such policy checking in an urgent situation, if you are already an established patient under our care or at least you registered with us in advance. We would then have ample time to find out your policy details and keep you in our database in preparation for any emergency.

Registration on our website for CIGNA insured patients.