Dental Prices

Dental and Oral Surgery Services and Prices

Our Dental and Oral Surgeons are competent to perform all listed services.

The below table provides estimates for uncomplicated treatments.
Additional Urgency, Weekend, Holiday and Seasonal Surcharges may also apply.

Dental Services Base Fees in EURUnit No.#Unit Price
Examination, Urgent1230
X-ray, Intra-oral 190
X-ray, Panoramic1140
X-ray, Panoramic, Urgent1200
CT scan1290
Local Anesthesia160
Surgical Tooth Extraction1360
Root canal treatment (1 Root)1300
Root canal treatment (2 Roots)1390
Root canal treatment (3 Roots)1450
Root Filling, Molar (3+ Roots)1200
Composite Filling Front1230
Composite Filling Front, 2 surfaces2290
Composite Filling Molar, 1 surface1300
Composite Filling Molar, 2 surfaces1390
Management and Therapy with Antibiotics Prescription1170
Incision and Drainage & Antibiotics Prescription1300
Deep Cleaning / Scaling and Root Planing1350
Tooth Extraction – Simple1200
Temporary Root Filling, Molar 3+ Roots1170
Temporary Filling Molar, 1 surface1170
Temporary Filling (built up) Front1110
Topical Application of Astringents and Disinfectant1140
Parapulpar Pin / Placement1110
Incision & Drainage, Curettage, H2O2 rinsing, tamponade with iodoform-chloride with Antibiotics + Anti-inflammatory Prescriptions1350
Precise Measurement and Adjustment, filing and fitting of Dental Filling for Proper Occlusion 1140
Repair / Temporary Bonding of Crown1140
Casting cap / placement, repair1290
Temporary crown placement1140
Trepanation, Pulp opening, Curettage and H2O2 rinsing1200
Curettage, Preparation and Topical Application of AGNO3 & ZnCl21230
Repair / Temporary Bonding of Crown with cement (nn) 1170
Crown (cirkon)1560
Implant (Callus-Nobel analog)1990

Certain Procedures, such as Surgical Closure of Wounds and Lacerations in the oral area (lips, mouth) with stitches have variable prices based on complexity and extensity, ranging from 300 – 2000 EUR. Price estimate may be given during a paid initial Urgent Care or Oral Surgery consultation.