Price Explanation

Price Explanation and Practical Advice

We are a Private Medical Provider. We are not a public hospital emergency room. We have no obligation to accept any and all patients. Physician-Patient Relationship may be established based on mutual agreement including our Conditions, Prices and Fees.

This is a practical guide to help you find the applicable fees for the specific service that you want.

Our prices vary by certain factors. Base fees may not cover the urgent services you need.

  1. The day of the week and time of the day, when you initiate your service request, meaning when you first contact us. Weekends, Holidays, Evenings, Nights cost more.
    Practical Advice: If you want the lowest base fee service, then contact us only during regular Weekday Daytime hours, Monday to Friday 08:00 – 16:00 CET. For example, if you start inquiring on Weekends, in the evening or at night about daytime prices, then additional fees may be charged even for the Weekday Daytime services. Contact us only if you are ready to use the services.
  2. Base Fees definition for timing. If the base defines a service within 72 hours on Workdays, it means we give you an appointment by our Doctor’s convenience within the next 72 hours, that fall on weekdays.
    Practical Advice: If you request and pay for services on Thursday at 10:00 in the morning, then the base fee would cover an appointment before 10:00 the next week Tuesday, during daytime hours.
  3. Urgency Surcharges may be applied on top of the Base Fees. If you want a more urgent service, then look for the Urgency Surcharges, that may significantly increase the total fees. For example, Services <1 hour will cost much more then <24 hours.
  4. Base Fees generally include a doctor visit for a simple medical problem, without complications, 1 diagnosis/condition actively treated or visit time < 30 minutes. History taking, physical examination and writing up to 3 standard prescriptions. Testing, injections, special treatments, controlled drugs may cost extra.