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Prescriptions Information

Prescriptions Information

We may issue either conventional paper based (Paper Rx, Recept) or Electronic Prescriptions (e-prescription, E. Rx)

Professional Consultation is required. You must personally discuss your exact needs and medical background with our doctor in our office, during a paid house call – home visit or through Teleconsultation (phone, Skype, WhatsApp, email).

Based on the above information given we may issue Electronic Prescriptions to the Hungarian National Electronic Health Service Space (EESZT), the cloud that handles prescriptions between medical providers and pharmacies. We can send them in within 3 hours generally.

More urgent services are possible for extra fees.

Due to the nature of the EESzT operations, we cannot fully guarantee, that such functions will work with a 100% certainty all the time. If the electronic system fails, than we may offer you paper based prescriptions to be picked up in our office within 24 hours at no further charge. Urgent delivery of paper prescriptions to your location in Budapest may cost some extra.

If due to electronic system failure we are unable to provide you with the requested prescriptions in any of the above manners, then we will return 50% of your base fees. The return does not apply for the possible additional extra fees and surcharges.