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Passport Card

Passport Card Payment Information

We may accept Passport Card as a form of payment.

However, certain restrictions and limitations apply.

The basic problem we have with Passport Card is the extreme slowness and unreliability of pre-authorization, that is required to use this card.
Our Doctors and professional staff do not have free time to wait until the visit fee gets approved and the card will be made ready for payment by the Passport Card Center. Doctor’s lost time is valuable.
In our experience, even after the Passport Card Center promised pre-authorization for specified amounts the payments on our card terminals were often declined indicating lack of funds. These lead our patients to have prolonged time spent communicating with the Passport Card Center making our Doctors not able to leave the scene after the medical services completed with a house call. In our medical clinic we do not have the option to hold on a patient until payment arrangements are figured out, as our Doctors often have to leave right after the visit to see the next patient in a different location.

Therefore, if you want to use a Passport Card, you have to make pre-payment, similarly to our other customers paying with any type of bank cards. We may not start medical services until the basic visit fee is paid. For house calls, we may ask you to put down a deposit to cover the Doctor’s time to make the trip to your location, that is 110-230 EUR depending the day and time. This may be cash at the hotel reception, instant payment with Revolute, Wise, Zelle or Instant Bank Transfer from a Hungarian Bank Account. The Deposit will be returned to you or counted into the actual visit fee.

If your Passport Card does not work for any reasons, then you have the option to pay in other ways, such as cash, Instant Transfers, Revolute, Wise, Zelle or other bank cards.
If your payment is declined, then we may charge +30 EUR additional fee for each 15 minutes period started when we wait for your payment to get arranged and completed.

To avoid additional surcharges and the inconvenient nuisance associated with the declined payments we urge you to get pre-authorization from the Passport Card Center confirming the expected charges.