Frequently Asked Questions   Q: Is my personal information safe when I submit it through your website?A: Yes. Please read our Privacy Notice.

Q: Which is the best way to contact Health Guard Hungary?A: It depends what type of service you need. If you have a general question writing an email may be the easiest. If you prefer talking to somebody, call (+36)-(1) 453-2311. For urgent medical care dial the on call number, (+36) – (1) – 786-6658 or the medical directors +36-30-345-3132 (adults), +36-30-312-8138 (children).

Q: I am confused about the phone dialing rules in Hungary. When should I use prefixes? A: If you dial a landline from another landline phone in the same area, then you do not have to use any prefixes, just dial the number. If you are calling a number with a different are code, then you have to dial the prefix 06 followed by the area code. For example to dial our office number outside Budapest you need to dial 06-1-7866658. Similarly, to call any mobile phones from a landline inside Hungary you need to dial 06 followed by the 9-digit mobile number, e.g. 06-30-3453132. To call a Hungarian mobile phone from another Hungarian mobile phone you have several options: if they share the same service provider you do not have to dial a prefix, only the 7-digit phone number. For example, from a T-mobile phone it is sufficient to dial 3453132 to reach us. From a different Hungarian service provider you have to dial 06 followed by the mobile service providers area code (at most times, but not always 30 for T-mobile, 20 for Pannon and 70 for Vodaphone) and the 7-digit number. For example 06-30-3453132. The most certain way to reach a mobile phone from anywhere to everywhere in the world is to dial + followed by the country code, the mobile area code and the number. For example to reach us you dial +36-30-3453132 from any mobile phone inside and outside Hungary. Also see Dialing Instructions.

Q: What makes me eligible for discounted prices?A: Periodic discount are available to the general public and displayed under the Services tab or Special Service of the Month pages If you are a member of or belong to any of our cooperating partners, then you are eligible for discounted prices as well. If you refer somebody that used our services, both you and the referred person will receive an additional discount off the next service.

Q: Will I get reimbursement from my insurance company for your services which I have paid?A: In our experience health and travel insurance companies do not refuse claims if they are supported by an invoice and medical records. We do our best to help you get the service fees reimbursed from your insurance company.