ENT Specialist Medical Services

ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) – Oto-rhino-laryngology Specialist Medical Services

Tibor Timár, M.D.

Dr. Timár is a native of Hungary. He received his medical degree in 1981 at the University Medical School in Pécs. He is a graduate of the Pediatric residency training program at the University Clinics in Pécs, where he remained after graduation for one year as an attending physician. After moving to Budapest he continued his practice in the Heim Pál Hospital for Sick Children, where he developed his interest in the specialty of Oto-rhino-laryngology. Dr. Timár completed his second residency training at Semmelweis University in Oto-rhino-laryngology, and in 1990 he became a board certified specialist of the field. In addition to being certifed he gained further subspecilty certification in Pediatric Oto-rhino-laryngology in 1992.

Dr. Timár is a qualified surgeon and also highly trained to conservatively manage diseases of the ear, nose and throat.